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Snow Leopard and MX1100 with Logitech Control Center 3.1

7 Dec 2009

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Recently I updated to the Snow Leopard, and even the process is very easy, as I pulled all my files from Time Machine backup, some applications and plugins are needed an update. In that same way, I updated my LCC from 2.6 to 3.1 because I love updates. What resulted as a big mistake. Mouse buttons were the same like before the update, but I couldn’t see my device in System Preferences.

Snow Leopard and MX1100 with Logitech Control Center 3.1

Logitech is making very nice hardware, but they suck big time in making a software for it. Besides that, they need like a half a year after the OS update, to make a change, don’t know why is that so, maybe Mac people aren’t so interesting to Logitech dev team.

Posible solutions

There are several solutions that Logitech and other angry users recommend. You need to almost hack their software to see if will work, nothing worked for me.

Solution 1.

  • Uninstall you LCC
  • Right click on install package and “Show package contents”
  • Navigate to “Contents/Resources” and run “Logitech Control Center.mpkg”

Something obviously is missing in the Installer, because you need to run it manually. I tried this like five times, nothing.

Solution 2. - "No device found" problem

If you can work with your mouse, but you dont see your mouse, they recommend to run some app manually.
Copied from here

With Forum users help, we find out that some incidents theLCC Daemon did not start for unkown reason(s). (The LCC Daemon did not start or stopped issue has been escalated and it is now under investigation.)
Here is  the workaround: 

  • Active Logitech Control Center Daemon manually (double-click): Go to Library > Application Support > Logitech > Logitech Control Center Daemon
  • Verify the LCC Daemon is running with 'Activities Monitor'  in Utilites
  • If LCC Daemon did not restart after reboot, you can add it to 'login items' in user accounts as workaround for now.

Not worked for me, still with "No device..."

Final solution that worked for me

As I always save almost all Installers and versions, that way I had LCC 2.6 in my archive

  • I uninstalled 3.1
  • Reboot
  • and installed 2.6.
  • Warning sad that this software it’s not tested etc etc, ignore it.
  • After that I finally could see my device in System Preferences.
  • My config was lost, but in 2min I configured it again. There was only one issue. And its related with Expose, if you’re using Expose (Show desktop or applications or whatever), you need to copy (not move), from Utilities to Application folder. that way you have Expose working like a charm. I even have battery status. So far I didn’t found any issue even the LCC is running in 32-bit version

    Snow Leopard and MX1100 with Logitech Control Center 3.1

    Snow Leopard and MX1100 with Logitech Control Center 3.1

    So, you need to use your 5 versions old plugin to run your mouse. Because the latest is not working. Hope that some of this solutions worked for you.

    Reference links: Google, Logitech, Tuaw, TechPatio.

    Download LCC 2.6

    Logitech control center 2.6 download. There should be a list of all versions on Logitech site, but, only new one is available.

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