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Looking for cute icons for your desk?

24 Jul 2008

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I hope you like today's freebies edition from Smashing Magazine. They're always looking for creative and talented artist and designers, and this time they chose my colleague and friend Maja Benčić. She made 8 very nice icons and sad:

I prefer clean and simple designs with lively colors and original elements such as icons. Since I love creating characters and try to include them often in my designs, I wanted to use them for a set of trendy and cute icons inspired with cartoons and picture books.

I think these icons could be used to make web-sites more lively and friendly no matter how serious they are supposed to be. At least that’s how I like my web-projects to be. I hope people will find a way for incorporating some or all of these icons into their designs.

Maja Benčić


Download from Smashing Magazine:

Via: Smashing Magazine: Smashy The Alien Icon Set

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