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Jepssen Group joined the dark side

6 Jul 2010

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Every once a while, someone likes so much my blog design that they can't control themselves from making copy-paste of it. This time, the genius was Italian company called "Jepssen Group" with Marina Taglialavore as a President.
I only hope that these products they sell aren't cheap copies from other established companies, but who knows. When you join the dark side, everything is possible :)

It's so sad that Jepssen Group team doesn't have interest and enough money to invest in their own design and they decide to make a cheap copy of some other website.

President quotes:

A technology is truly revolutionary when it's accessible to all
Well, their website is not so revolutionary

Taking the wrong way

This is not the first neither the last person who will copy my site, and to be honest, it's not bothering me so much as some of my colleagues are pissed off when something like this happens to them. What bothers me, is that this people have no mercy with assets inside the website besides the design.

They use your images and your scripts, which cause additional bandwidth to your hosting package. It's always easy to find them because they use your Analytics code too, which generates some statistics movements, which is also bad if you are measuring your numbers for some reason. There are also occasions when they also sign the stolen design as their own.

Copy Copy Copy




They did it before

Last year car oriented website has also borrowed this design. It's interesting how almost the same corrections are made. They change the logo, remove the stars from page heading and thats it :)


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