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iPollo (hay Pollo), dancing chicken

16 Sep 2009

Posted in: Apple Design Music

hay Pollo (iChicken)

I’m really starting to doubt the quality of some Ads agency. If client says; “Wow, I like that Apple ads, can you make me one”, your answer shouldn’t be “Of course, how many?”. I saw this Ad few days ago on the streets of Mexico City. There are several blogs (spanish) talking about this ad published all over the Mexico.

Bachoco's ad
Picture from internet, if its yours, contact me

Maybe we are not seeing the big picture here. Maybe Bachoco is giving an iPod if you buy their chicken, that isn't so bad at all!!

Is Bachoco giving iPods?
This Ad is fake, don't search it at the supermarket :)

What do you think about the dancing chicken?

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