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Espresso is coming…

8 Oct 2008

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MacRabbit - Espresso

From developers of CSSEdit, Apple Design Awarded app, soon is coming another great application for web developers and it’s called Espresso. As you can’t download it without signing up and waiting for your test release, we can only see previews, but without a doubt, it will be awesome app.

Mac web development, more productive than caffeine

Until now, all of my sites, are built manually with Panic’s Coda, which is btw very very good application, but there is always something new that another app would improve. I also use TextMate but only for ExpressionEngine implementation, thanks to great plug-in for it.

Espresso. Time for something new in web development.

espressio preview thumb

espressio preview 2 thumb

Check for more info about this promising app on the MacRabbit web page.

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