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Croatian HRT vs, totally rip off

15 May 2008

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When the BBC website came out, it was pronounced as one of the best television websites ever made, content rich, neutral but interesting design. Very focused at the news, in few words, very good example for all television websites.

BUT, that wasn’t enough for HRT (Croatian National Television). They decided to "follow" the path of using new technologies, content organization and design styles (as they say). Very sad and ugly rip-off. Very embarrassing for Croatian National Television, and at the end, for us as web designers, web developers etc.

Croatian HRT vs, totally rip off

HRT: Thumbs down!

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The Inquirer says:

THERE APPEARS to be an acute shortage of Web designers in Croatia if state broadcaster HRT's site is anything to go by.

Croatia has great designers. There is a shortage of people who is deciding about this kind of “operations” and don’t know anything about the web, and they work and get paid for that. They bought a website with the words; “14kg of website please!”.

Update 2

It seems that there are lots of people who like As so, Hungarian RTL television, also decided to follow HRT’s steps. Or, the better one, HRT decided to copy RTL website. Hehe.

Croatian HRT vs, totally rip off

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