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Can Ad agencies make something original today?

31 Jul 2009

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Sure they can! But it's always interesting being "inspired" by some great idea. Why? Well, first; because it's a great idea, why not making something like that, and of course they are counting on the people who didn't saw that idea already, and on people who doesn't care really.

We are surrounded with great and original designers and agencies, and of course with those who are copying others ideas, as we cannot do much, we can publish that "inspired" ideas on ours blogs and hope that someone will notice that, maybe the clients or maybe even the ad agencies.

Saturday Night Live vs. Cinepolis Mexico

Maybe someone will think that I have something against Cinepolis. That is not true! Here we have almost a year and a half old tv commercial from Cinepolis inspired by Saturday night Live parody.

Cinepolis Mexico

Saturday Night Live

Yoo vs. “Mac vs. PC”

Lately there is a lot of discussions on the Mexican forums and blogs about this new ad for new triple-play service. Its funny what the ad agency “Pico Adworks” responsible for the ad, is saying about the ad: “You can’t comment the campaign seeing only parts, It;s the same about commenting the movie at the beginning of it. When the campaign its over we will make our declaration, the campaign has its reasons, our client is very satisfied....”

As you can see, the agency doesn’t care, and client is very “satisfied”.


Mac vs. PC

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