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Upgrading mysql database and php

11 Mar 2008

Posted in: ExpressionEngine Technology

This month my host company will upgrade mysql database to version 5 and make PHP5 part of the standard working environment. I’m not expecting any kind of problems for now. Maybe a little downtime while they are doing geek stuff with the database.

Until now, I didn't heard that anyone had troubles with ExpressionEngine. They sad he works only faster after upgrading. We'll see.

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Microsoft, more is better! IE 5.5 beats IE6 and IE7 on Acid 3

10 Mar 2008

Posted in: Technology

Acid 3 is a test of dynamic browser capabilities which exists to encourage browser vendors to focus on interoperability. It's a hard browser test of 100 tasks of almost all area. Acid3 now includes DOM Scripting capability.

Browser needs to be at default settings (zoom, font changing, custom styles will do "bad numbers"). There is no browser who passed the test with 100%, but some of the results are interesting. If the % numbers says 15% that means that he passed 15 of 100 Acid3 tasks.

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Cosmosart, fresh refresh

5 Dec 2007

Posted in: Design ExpressionEngine Technology

After almost a year and a half, some serious change was made. Site width was moved from 800px to 1024px. I stopped with optimising site for viewing it in IE6 (IE6 is dead, you know). News are more organised, now with categories and comments.

I gave up on doing my CMS, testing it, testing his security etc. So, thanks to great folks from EllisLab, and their great cms called ExpressionEngine, finally I have decent and fully flexible web publishing system.

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