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Apple has published new Macbook, Macbook Pro and 24-inch Cinema Display

14 Oct 2008

Posted in: Apple Design Technology

Wow, this is historical moment. Moment that lots of people were expecting! Some of the news were presented personally by Jonathan Ive, designer of the Apple products. Beside of changed design of laptops, there are huge improvements of hardware parts, so new laps have powerful Nvidia graphic chipset, new dvi mini port, removed firewire 400 and go ahead only with FW 800.

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Moonstream, new city gadget?

5 Jun 2008

Posted in: Cars Design Technology

Great example of non-earth vehicle designed by Anthony Sims. After the Phoenix has landed to Mars, could Moonstream be the next vehicle that we will send? That would be awesome, I can't imagine Mars ride with this monster...

The designer claims to have taken cues from nature, citing the turtle shells and the stance of giraffes as inspirations. To be completely honest though, it looks like a DLP projector with wheels.

In this moment, I would love to have it for city traffic. Want pizza, sure, give me 5 min...

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World’s biggest airport, Beijing China

28 May 2008

Posted in: Architecture Technology

If some day little green people from outer space decide to visit us, (but not like in the movie "War of the Worlds"), finally they would have a place where to land their spaceships.

Gigantic Dragon Terminal as they like to call it, is huge. With capacity of 50 million passengers per year, and coverage of 1,300-square-kilometer (501 square-mile), oh yes, is the biggest one. Just for info, the building is 17% bigger than Heathrow (London) T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 (the new one) together. It has five floors in total, two are underground. It's ready for 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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