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Mozy 1.0, backup software for Mac

2 May 2008

Posted in: Software

Oh, after one month of hard work, I'm back with fresh news. So the first one is that I received a newsletter from Mozy, that new version, not-beta-version, golden-one-version, finally-is-out-version is published. Windows user are already at version 1.8, so, it was time for us.

Mozy backup software is one of the best online backup software that I've tried, and I tried a few ones. It's totally automated, only what you need is select what folder or files you want to backup and that's all. First upload is big, because you are uploading all, and later only changes or new things. Free account includes 2gb of data, and if you spread you referrals you can earn more space.

Backup is very important today, all that tiny files, thousands of pdfs, somewhere, but still important, all that work files. I can't imagine what would happened if I lost my notebook hard drive, and all important files. With Mozy, you can access and download whenever you want at any time and that is pretty cool. Even more if you are doing daily night backup like me.

Register now and do your first backup!! (win and mac downloads)

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