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Few days until the Firefox Download Day

15 Jun 2008

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Firefox! Firefox! Firefox! Were words you could hear on the streets all over the world. In front of M$ buildings. The crowd was very happy that has a choice to navigate faster, more secure, and very happy. This all could be some guide for a movie, but for now it’s a reminder for Firefox Download Day, scheduled for tomorrow, June 17. We are going for Guinness World Record!

Stats from the beginning:

  • Croatia: 466
  • México: 633
  • World: 2,467

Stats in this moment:

  • Croatia: 5664
  • México: 29 556
  • World: 1 314 115

Download Firefox 3 Now!!!

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Wannabe a Part of a Guinness World Record and Enjoy a Better Web?

29 May 2008

Posted in: Software

Sounds easy? Because it is! All you need to do, is say that you will download the best browser; Firefox 3 on Download day, and of course, do it!. The official date for the launch of Firefox 3 will be posted soon!

Download Day 2008

What is Firefox and why?

Firefox is web browser, one of the most popular. And you have many reason to believe it:

  • It’s fast and secure
  • It’s not crashing
  • You can see more sites, and experience them better
  • You want something that browser not includes, don’t worry, there thousands of add-ons
  • I can keep going until tomorrow…

Some of the actual world counts

  • Croatia: 466 (Come on we can make it more!!!)
  • México: 633 (!!!Andale, vamos a subir este numero¡¡¡)

Be a part of your country!


Be ready for Download Day 2008 and a part of making a history

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ExpressionEngine 2.0 Sneak Preview

27 May 2008

Posted in: ExpressionEngine Software

We are very close, very close of, fresh 2.0 release of this great CMS. EllisLab is working very hard on new version of ExpressionEngine, and they are giving some sneak previews, so the actual and future users can see what its coming.

Of course, all the videos, are still only "beta" demos, I hope that will be published very soon as they promised. It has many new things, personally, I'm glad that they improved or added; wysiwyg editor, better organization of uploaded files, fancy moving elements, more user-friendly custom fields etc…

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Skitch: Snap, Draw, Share!

26 May 2008

Posted in: Software Useful

Working on a mac is a incredible experience, especially, if you were Win user for many years as I was. At first you can't believe how smooth and great is working with Mac OSX.

One of the great things that I like, are applications. There are lots of apps that are free and they do awesome job. So, if you don't know for Skitch, you've got 5 seconds to install it, 4, 3, 2, 1.

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