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Light graffiti, nature edition

14 Jul 2008

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I supposed you saw at least one photo taken in the urban ambient. They're all looking very cool, but I don't know if you now, but a lot of work and patience is needed to do something like that.

This collection is a little bit different, all photos are taken in the nature, and I need to admire, they look so much better than the urban ones. So, enjoy:

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Sunday report! 1

13 Jul 2008

Posted in: Personal Photos

I'm preparing some tutorials of css, but, as I have a lot of work to do (summer holidays, you know...), for now only few new things.

  • Finally updated my photo site, still missing some photos and comments, but you can check it and feel free to comment photos!
  • New site is in the production, it's a website for pet store (zoo shop). Site is for my parents and will be simple by the look, but we are planning to put love for animals inside of it. For now, only temporary page » Zoo Shop Amazona, Poreč, Hrvatska (Croatia).

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Fancy calendar 2008

12 Jan 2008

Posted in: Design Photos

One thing that I always wanted to do, was my own calendar. So this year, I've made it. But, that wasn't so easy, because, first, I needed to choose the right format for it, will it be for the wall, or for the table, which format is great for your office or for home use?

I decided which format I'm going to use, 210x95mm was great choice. But that wasn't all, big "problem" were photos. How to choose best of thousands of photos. I tried to make some month selection. Hope that I did it right.

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