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Going back, good move Cinepolis Mexico!

20 Mar 2009

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I just bought 2 tickets for new Watchman movie on the online ticket service of Cinepolis Mexico, not for the first time, I hate waiting lines :) After buying the tickets, 20 sec later I went to buy two more, and noticed that there is different price list, promotion prices (wtf?). The difference is 2US$, you’ll say “only 2$?”, for two people yes, imagine you bought tickets for 20 people.

I have experience with reservation services and similar operations, it’s always best to call support and noticed them about that error, and that is what I did, but, guess what, here, the client have minimal rights, and for fault of services (as they sad “actualization of service”), I payed more (I don’t know if I’m the only one). So, I sad them to cancel that order and I will make the new one, but guess what, in the Terms & Conditions they say that all orders cannot be refundable. So, what more can I say? That leaves them the gate to steal from people, even if was their mistake. Nice.

As I sad, I’m working with huge Hotel companies, and if something like this happens, the operator would do everything to keep the customer away from getting angry or disappointed, but in Cinepolis Mexico they don’t, they are very non polite and non professional.

At the end, people like me are fighting for the clients trust on buying online, and other ones like Cinepolis Mexico is doing the opposite. Good move Cinepolis!

Besides that, can’t wait to see the movie :))

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Cut Copy rocked in Mexico City

4 Mar 2009

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Definitely one of the best concerts I attended lately. Yesterday evening, Cut Copy (Melbourne, Australia) rocked the place (Vive Cuervo Salón) out. People, about 1k met in this not-so-big place, they danced, jumped and sang. It was really great. I wrote a short article about them in May of last year, hoping they will come soon.

Cut Copy is a synthpop band from Melbourne, Australia made up of Dan Whitford (lead vocals/keys/guitar), Tim Hoey (bass/guitar) and Mitchell Scott (drums).

Their sound is much in the vein of contemporaries such as Daft Punk, drawing considerable influence from older bands such as New Order, Electric Light Orchestra and Kraftwerk.


They started the concert with last album "In Ghost Colours" and mixing some old song with new ones. They were very animated, dancing on the stage etc. The concert took place for an hour, which is really short, but, I don't regret going.

Uneducated ones

Even new anti-smoking law is on the clock in Mexico, at the start we enjoyed clean air inside, but as always, there some guys and girls that didn't learn to read big signs all over the place "No Fumar", so, if you're one of them, try to read this : "Learn to read, puto!".

Cut Copy, you rock!

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Threadless tees, vol 1

12 Feb 2009

Posted in: Personal

After first intent which failed thanks to some John Doe who stolen my t-shirts in December of last year, second delivery finally arrived yesterday. Six different shirts in different sizes, one for boys and other for girls refreshed my closet for a while. So, customs trouble-less, week and a half for delivery, really nice.

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Are you ready for your clients critique or bad feedback?

10 Feb 2009

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Few days ago, I had a meeting with a client that was desperate with one of my products on the web. So I went to see what exactly is the problem and try to calm down the situation. People are saying for decades that the “The client is always right”. In some way, that’s the truth, but also, we, as a professional service providers, need to explain and guide the client throw certain thing that he is thinking or doing wrong. Of course, in very polite way, because nobody wants someone “teaching” him about his “work”, you get the point.

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