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Apple MacBook Event: October 14, 10am PST

13 Oct 2008

Posted in: Apple Events

Tomorrow at this time, we will have new macbook’s. With some change on design, we could see also some hardware changes. As Apple sad, they will try to offer more versions to fill the empty space in their offer.

We are expecting new Macbook and Macbook Pro and some changes on the Macbook Air. Woohoo! But as always, without doubt, it would be something new and fresh, so Dell, HP and Sony, pay attention, because new material “to-copy” is coming :)

The event is scheduled on October 14, 10am PST, or 12:00 for México and 19:00 for Croatia.

You can follow Gizmodo live, or wait until Apple prepare their video version of the event.

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Shark Week

8 Aug 2008

Posted in: Design Events

Twenty one years ago, at year 1987, Discovery Channel aired the first week-long series of feature television programs dedicated to facts on sharks. This "Event" is held annually in July and August. I hope that you cached at least one episode.

As a diver I love sharks and all “sea” products and the way how Discovery Channel is presenting the show. When I sad that I love sharks, I meant looking them on TV :).

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Few days until the Firefox Download Day

15 Jun 2008

Posted in: Events Software

Firefox! Firefox! Firefox! Were words you could hear on the streets all over the world. In front of M$ buildings. The crowd was very happy that has a choice to navigate faster, more secure, and very happy. This all could be some guide for a movie, but for now it’s a reminder for Firefox Download Day, scheduled for tomorrow, June 17. We are going for Guinness World Record!

Stats from the beginning:

  • Croatia: 466
  • México: 633
  • World: 2,467

Stats in this moment:

  • Croatia: 5664
  • México: 29 556
  • World: 1 314 115

Download Firefox 3 Now!!!

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