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October update

4 Nov 2009

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Must admit, don't have time to blog something interesting lately, I'm finishing several websites, one eCommerce site and also, have some ideas about splitting my showroom. I also prepared some simple jQuery and ExpressionEngine tips and How-to which could help someone, I hope so lol. Stay tuned.

Moo Cards

I always wanted to try this great service called Moo, because everyone was talking about it, so, I found time to select like 15 of my photos. Click here for a preview.

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Summer report and update

4 Aug 2009

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I've been inactive last few months due several big projects, one of them went public few weeks ago. It's a website for Novigrad Hotel & Camps company. Four language site with plenty of great shots and easy blue/green design.

The other project is much bigger, and very very interesting. I can’t say much for now, but the launch is predicted for Sept/Oct of this year.

New occupation for the weekends

While waiting for new Starcraft 2 to come out, I started to play not-so-new online game called "Eve Online", so, for now, a great time killer.

iTunes Music finally in Mexico

Apple finally settled up all things necessary for opening Itunes Music in Mexico, we had App Store running for a while, but what I was missing were songs, so, thank you Apple!

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10 Awesome Css Techniques and +100 photo/image galleries (Ajax, Flash, PHP)

27 Nov 2008

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This few Css techniques are challenging but on the other side, they are very nice and can make your designs look more powerful. You can never get tired of new examples of galleries and similar things. So check this two links for great source of also great solutions:

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