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Moonstream, new city gadget?

5 Jun 2008

Posted in: Cars Design Technology

Great example of non-earth vehicle designed by Anthony Sims. After the Phoenix has landed to Mars, could Moonstream be the next vehicle that we will send? That would be awesome, I can't imagine Mars ride with this monster...

The designer claims to have taken cues from nature, citing the turtle shells and the stance of giraffes as inspirations. To be completely honest though, it looks like a DLP projector with wheels.

In this moment, I would love to have it for city traffic. Want pizza, sure, give me 5 min...

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Renault and The Simpsons

22 Feb 2008

Posted in: Cars

So, after one month of "New Years" brake,, I'm back with some news...

One of the cars that's on my wish list, is definitely Renault Kangoo. I don't like little "city" cars, where you can't put even one TV or something... Kangoo is big, but not too big, very easy and smooth to drive, lots of space in compact design.. Awesome car with a great new design.

As you can see, in new commercial of Renault, Homer also bought new Kango Express

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