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SociAll - iPhone social network app

5 Aug 2009

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The developer Sanjin Celeski left few redeem codes for free download, only for Cosmosart readers. If you use them, pls leave thanx comment :)

I'm not a big fan of all that social network services, but I use some of them, mostly to communicate with my friends and clients that I don't see every day.

Few days ago, a great app went published in iTunes store, called SociAll. It connects you with more than 15 most popular social networks:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • hi5
  • LiveJournal
  • Friendster
  • Orkut
  • Bebo
  • Tuenti
  • ...

So, if you use more then one of this networks, and you have an iPhone, here you have great app to use. Visit SociAll website.

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Summer report and update

4 Aug 2009

Posted in: Apple Design Personal

I've been inactive last few months due several big projects, one of them went public few weeks ago. It's a website for Novigrad Hotel & Camps company. Four language site with plenty of great shots and easy blue/green design.

The other project is much bigger, and very very interesting. I can’t say much for now, but the launch is predicted for Sept/Oct of this year.

New occupation for the weekends

While waiting for new Starcraft 2 to come out, I started to play not-so-new online game called "Eve Online", so, for now, a great time killer.

iTunes Music finally in Mexico

Apple finally settled up all things necessary for opening Itunes Music in Mexico, we had App Store running for a while, but what I was missing were songs, so, thank you Apple!

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Can Ad agencies make something original today?

31 Jul 2009

Posted in: Apple Video

Sure they can! But it's always interesting being "inspired" by some great idea. Why? Well, first; because it's a great idea, why not making something like that, and of course they are counting on the people who didn't saw that idea already, and on people who doesn't care really.

We are surrounded with great and original designers and agencies, and of course with those who are copying others ideas, as we cannot do much, we can publish that "inspired" ideas on ours blogs and hope that someone will notice that, maybe the clients or maybe even the ad agencies.

Check the ads

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Happy Birthday Macintosh!

27 Jan 2009

Posted in: Apple

Wow, 25 years on the market. We all know that Mac wasn’t and it’s not more selling computer on the world, but Apple was always pointed to the future, and always a step forward of computer industry. Leaving the past behind, Mac is more and more popular today, people discovered that life can be more easy, without having the computer as “trouble maker”.

So, simple, Happy Birthday Macintosh!

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