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Snow Leopard and MX1100 with Logitech Control Center 3.1

7 Dec 2009

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Recently I updated to the Snow Leopard, and even the process is very easy, as I pulled all my files from Time Machine backup, some applications and plugins are needed an update. In that same way, I updated my LCC from 2.6 to 3.1 because I love updates. What resulted as a big mistake. Mouse buttons were the same like before the update, but I couldn’t see my device in System Preferences.

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Recently launched my new portfolio site

3 Dec 2009

Posted in: Design Personal

Few years ago I decided to go with separated domains for my interests and hobbies. At the beginning, somewhere in 2003 had news/blog, photos and my work, later I decided to separate my photos to, and my visitors accepted that very nice.

Today, I published my new website, dedicated only to my portfolio, it can be found at Even I work with ExpressionEngine, portfolio site is published under WordPress CMS.

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October update

4 Nov 2009

Posted in: Design Personal Photos

Must admit, don't have time to blog something interesting lately, I'm finishing several websites, one eCommerce site and also, have some ideas about splitting my showroom. I also prepared some simple jQuery and ExpressionEngine tips and How-to which could help someone, I hope so lol. Stay tuned.

Moo Cards

I always wanted to try this great service called Moo, because everyone was talking about it, so, I found time to select like 15 of my photos. Click here for a preview.

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