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Jepssen Group joined the dark side

6 Jul 2010

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Every once a while, someone likes so much my blog design that they can't control themselves from making copy-paste of it. This time, the genius was Italian company called "Jepssen Group" with Marina Taglialavore as a President.

I only hope that these products they sell aren't cheap copies from other established companies, but who knows. When you join the dark side, everything is possible :)

It's so sad that Jepssen Group team doesn't have interest and enough money to invest in their own design and they decide to make a cheap copy of some other website.

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Wow, seven years…

17 May 2010

Posted in: Design Personal

Years are passing really fast… Unfortunately very slow activity last few months, but as usual for this part of year. Pre-high season in my hometown in Croatia means a lot of preparations and website make-ups. Few recent projects you can find on my portfolio page

Something spicy is around

As my favorite CMS ExpressionEngine 2.0 is out, I'm also working, very slowly, on my new Blog design, which will be powered by EE2.0 of course. I hope I will be able to provide some sneak peeks soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Using external variables for flash banners, in AS2 and AS3

4 Mar 2010

Posted in: Tutorials Useful

I’m doing a lot of banners, and it’s very common that Ad Company asks for variable implementation, so they can send their campaign link, and maybe other information like target and style.

Every once a while they forgot to notice what are the names of that variables, as they use applications to show banners, these variables are fixed, and it’s very rare that they will change it only for your banner, so it’s important that you know that names before sending the final banner.

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