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Secretaría de Hacienda del Estado de Morelos joins the dark side

29 May 2014

Posted in: Design

Finance Department in Morelos State

It's not the first time that people steal or copy my designs. We saw it few years back with my old blog design and Italian corporation that eventually removed my design after sending an email to the CEO of the company.

Today we are in México, in the state of Morelos. Beautiful and warm state just few kilometres from Mexico City.

Almost two years ago I did an awesome project for Government department dedicated to tobacco control in México. We worked near 4 months on the content and data transfer from old server to new one. The idea was to create and maintain a full database of related projects, papers, campaigns and everything related with tobacco in Mexico.

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iPhone 4 (officially) unlocked in Mexico

2 Aug 2010

Posted in: Apple iPhone

I hope that this is not someones mistake, but as we can see at Apple Store Mexico, the actual iPhone 3G S is unlocked. Mexico is still on the list for next iPhone 4 shipping and for now, nobody knows when they will be available for purchase.

I'm shure that it will stay unlocked. Previous version 3G S 8GB has attractive price of 8,199 Mexican pesos (free shipping, aprox. 650 US$), which for unlocked version is not so bad.

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Jepssen Group joined the dark side

6 Jul 2010

Posted in: Design Personal

Every once a while, someone likes so much my blog design that they can't control themselves from making copy-paste of it. This time, the genius was Italian company called "Jepssen Group" with Marina Taglialavore as a President.

I only hope that these products they sell aren't cheap copies from other established companies, but who knows. When you join the dark side, everything is possible :)

It's so sad that Jepssen Group team doesn't have interest and enough money to invest in their own design and they decide to make a cheap copy of some other website.

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